1. We believe the Bible to be the inerrant, indefatigable, sufficient WORD of God.
  2. We believe in the ontological and economic Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe that Jesus is the Son of David and the Son of God as chronicled by the Holy Bible and that he died on the cross to justify humanity to God and now sits on the righthand of God as an Advocate, High Priest, and King for all those who have faith in Him.
  4. We believe that Love is the essential foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. We believe that we are all sinners saved by grace when we confess the name of Jesus as our Lord. All are welcome as family and citizens of heaven, even in our broken state as long as we are seeking to find peace, comfort, and reconciliation through justification and sanctification via our Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. We are called to love the sinner and abhor our sin.
  7. We believe in Heaven and Hell and in the New Zion and that sin is being out of the Will, not the Love, of God.
  8. We believe in the Love of God and in Jesus Christ as Savior and we respect the right of all humanity to worship and believe as they choose.
  9. We believe that Jesus will judge all humanity and that as Christians our purpose is to preach, teach, and edify (plant and water) what Jesus and His Apostles taught, relying on God, not humanity to give His increase. Therefore, we will not contend against other beliefs and faiths. We will let the WORD do its work.
  10. We believe that Jesus still speaks today. We who confess Jesus are His Church – one Lord, one God, one faith, one baptism in many different formats.
  11. We believe in the habitation and the movement of the Holy Spirit – that we as believers in Christ are the Temple of God today. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and moves as the Spirit sees fit.
  12. We believe that we must stand on Bible principles and our purpose is to expose and oppose Satan and his followers at every turn and through the power of the WORD, Love, and tolerance.

Inspired through Rev. Eric Lee Douglass, Sr., Lead Pastor, 03/13/2019 
Augmented and Adopted by the Church Boards and Leadership 03/27/2019 via virtual session.